Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Settlement we can all agree on

With all this talk of conflict and violence, I thought I'd turn my attention to an Israeli working on making her country a better place for those who can't always speak out for themselves. An educator and rabbinical student at Hebrew Union College, Judith Edelman-Green devotes her life to Israelis with special needs. She created a program Bar/Bat Mitzvah for the Special needs child. She's devoted her life to ensuring that children and adults in Israel get a chance to work in their community and actively participate in Jewish life. Her newest project is the Rimon Village: a living community for young adults with mild to moderate special needs. "In Israel there are more than eight thousand adults with special needs who do not have a housing/living solution." (rimon village website). The village will be located in Kfar Sava just north of Tel Aviv. They have volunteers, a board, and land. Now, they just need enough money to turn their vision into reality.

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